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Millennial history, nature and gastronomic excellences



Verardi family, as well as the staff of the hotel and the restaurant, is always available for any questions and can be really helpful in terms of organising your stay in Terracina and its area.
As this zone has a lot to offer: starting with various historical sites, continuing with diverse natural resources and finishing with local culture and cuisine.


Here are just some of suggestions.

Rome and Naples

Terracina is strategically situated in the middle between Rome and Naples, and, thanks to that, creates a perfect occasion to visit the two most important cities in Italy. Situated in just one hour and a half by train, bus or car either of them can be a great option even for a one-day trip.


A small city along the coast from Terracina is often called “the pearl” for its white houses and covered passages between them, as well as cristally clean blue waters. But Sperlonga is not only the beach, it houses an ancient villa of Roman Emperor Tiberio and a cave, in which, according to the legend, lived Cyclops. The city can be reached in 30 minutes by bus from Terracina.


Another great solution for a one day trip is situated in just 20 minutes ride from Terracina – Medieval city of Fondi. It has a lot to offer, including a marvellous old city centre with its medieval castle and an old Abby of San Magno, which was found only ten years ago.

Natural Park “Circeo”

A park, situated in half an hour ride from Terracina is a great option for active holiday lovers, as it offers various tracking and bicycle routs, mostly finishing in the beautiful city of San Felice Circeo with its unique sunset views and wine garden, offering the panorama of the whole Terre Ulysse, until Naples

Fossanova Abbey

The Abbey is the oldest example of gothic art in Italy, declared National Monument in 1874. Situated on the important Francigena path, was historically used by pilgrims as a stop on their way to the Holy Land. The Abbey is dedicated to Virgin Mary and every august invites everyone to three days long Medieval holiday. It can be easily reached from Terracina.

The Agro Pontino

Area around Terracina is called Agro Pontino and offers a various selection of local agricultural products of excellent quality. For those interested in gastronomical traditions and local cuisine, a visit to one of many farms and wineries is a must.

The Garden of Ninfa

The Garden is a real hidden jem of the area – it is a botanic garden, situated inside an old Medieval town with its churches, watermills, towers and well preserved houses, all covered with blooming flowers all year long. It houses more than 1300 plant species from all over the world.

Ponza and Pontine Islands

Pontine Islands are just fourty minutes away by boat from Terraina and are composed from six vulcanic islands. The biggest one of them is Ponza and is only eight square kilometres. Here some of the cleanest waters and numerous atmospheric places attract hundreds of thousands of people every year. Another island not to miss is Palmarola with its wild beauty.


Sermoneta is another town in the area, known mostly thanks to its medieval castle, constructed in 1200 by Annibaldi Family. Later on, in the period of Lucrezia Borgia and Pope Sisto V, it became an important military fortress; mostly thanks to its strategic position between the Kingdoms of Rome and Naples. Now the town houses one of the biggest in Italy festivals of medieval music, which is held every August in its castle.


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